quantum salutations

~+~welcome to Luminary Spirit~+~

+message to anyone visiting for the first time: the divinely inspired introduction to this website can be found below the updates, where the welcome message you see above appears again.

{{{10/3/08 UPDATE}}}

+finally got the laptop back! (faint sound of crowds cheering) … i would not recommend Gateway products to friends, colleagues and whatnot – although i do appreciate the divine symbolism involved in having something i use regularly that has the word “Gateway” etched on it. the period in my life when i had to wait an oddly long time to get a computer back is now part of my “past” collection of Now moments, & i am moving on accordingly. hi-ho silver, away!

+silver streaks into the peak experience of

Here-and-Now, allows each hour to unfold

as God/dess wills. the thrill of existence prods

the hold-ups until they spill, sending red tape

remnants over the counter’s edge and fingers

to point out which faces wear egg.

the wedge that once divided ‘how it works’

and ‘how it might be’ dissolves as folks

unite under the yoke of victory.

{{{9/8/08 UPDATE}}}

howdy folks! my computer is still being serviced at some Warehouse in Houston, though i’ve expressed the intention to get it returned in its renewed condition as promptly as possible.

+to all my friends at Snoedel, i miss chatting with you and look forward to that Divinely Ordained moment when we can all interact without screens & keyboards. here is a teeny weeny hint about that moment (i don’t think it would be appropriate to share more than this) –> the Shift of 2012 will be arriving/unfolding ahead of schedule. as i said (typed), i’m just gonna leave it at that.

+there’s no need to do anything differently (regarding the shift happening in a way some might call “prematurely”) – just keep doing what you’re doing because our Divine Light friends are taking care of all the behind-the-scenes details, and the transition process has already been worked out, regardless of what any of us would happen to be doing when that “moment” meets with our linear Now. the whole process is “out of our hands” – meaning, what’s been decided/ordained is already so, and nobody that i would call a close friend has anything to worry about. every individual has already been given a choice (at the soul level, or level of the Higher Self if the choice wasn’t a conscious experience) … so just keep focusing on the Light-Love of the Divine and our more harmonious version of existence will be here before you know it!

+in more mundane news… i’m in a Master’s level Social Work program. it is quite ironic, considering the fact that in our post-shift reality, there will be no need for the profession of social work.

+one last quick note on housekeeping –> i appreciate the hearts and souls of those who leave feedback in this space, but if that feedback seems to have an energy that isn’t aligned with the vibrations of this site then it will probably get removed/deleted. i don’t feel the need to explain this.

ciao for this Now! 0;-)

{{{7/31/08 UPDATE}}}

*please check out the divinely inspired article called, “beam me up, Scottie!” – why this attitude may sabotage our progress – especially if you invest much of your online time reading messages about “First Contact” or other so-called “channeled” content.

~+~ welcome to Luminary Spirit~+~

This is a sacred space. In terms of the tangible aspects of reality, this space contains esoteric musings, poetry & other creative expressions, soulfood-for-thought, confessions, scholarly work, decrees, advice and more. It includes an area specifically designed to facilitate a more focused connection with the Divine, called quantum sanctuary.

This is a space where the agendas of science, religion and all other institutions in search of Truth slip away, leaving only the noble inquiry into the true nature of being. That means all the political and headache-ichal aspects of these traditions will not be allowed to form a lasting presence here, or hold any power whatsoever. This space is distilled, free from impurities – including the many things that have tainted the various systems we use on our own quest for truth. [Please understand that i am not alluding to any sense of ‘righteousness’ by saying that this space is pure…i know i have faults too – i *couldn’t incarnate in human form if i didn’t!]

This is a place for those who recently real-eyes-ed (or are starting to see) that things aren’t as they seemed to be…for those who decided they’ve been hitting the old snooze button for too long. This sacred space is attuned to harmonizing & aligning frequencies that keep it maintained as a safe haven for those who are exploring the bold and beautiful frontier of limitless possibility & genuine, love-based empowerment. This is a place to witness the miraculous, the (previously) unbelievable, the inevitable…a place where SHIFT HAPPENS.

side note: if any visitors are already laughing “at” the bleeding-heartishness of this space, i’d like to share something with you. I am [was] a pessimist. I am (still) anti-sentimental Hallmark mushy cheeseball goop – though there are exceptions when said ‘goop’ is disarming and/or genuine. Hopefully some of my fellow pessimists won’t write me (the facilitator of this space) off as just another loopy maple-syrup group-hug advocate. Believe me, I KEEP IT REAL – often too real for most *humans.* The realness might seem sugar-coated at times, but I don’t throw around lovey-dovey words, so any lovey-dovey stuff here is genuine and comes from the highest, purest and most REAL-istic intentions.

+ In terms of the intangible, this space projects & maintains a tapestry of harmonious frequencies that perform several functions – one of these involves restoring us in numerous ways. Free will is strictly honored, so your permission is required for these vibrations to work their magic by [re-]aligning your bodies to their proper (as in, what was originally intended) configuration as balanced, abundant, peaceful, love/heart-focused embodiments of the Divine. Permission is as simple as stating (either aloud or in your head) some version of the following:

I willingly open to allow love-based frequencies to penetrate every level of my being, and I choose to accept the healing effects of such Light-based energies, knowing that profound healing is truly aligned with my Highest Good.

As long as you let yourself *really* believe something this seemingly simple can/does work, the universe will definitely deliver. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the more subtle aspects of the law of manifestation, this can get tricky – perhaps the universe does deliver, for example, but the delivery seems wrong. Maybe you notice slipping into hours of tears and wonder why the tears are gushing when you really wanted peace and healing. Healing is an odd phenomenon – sometimes we have to dig up and process emotions from very old experiences before we reach a place where we feel profoundly healed in a pleasant and lasting way. Sometimes we need to deal with the coal before we get to the diamond. To achieve the pinnacle of healing and lasting peace, we have to ‘get rid of’ the stuff that was tarnishing our naturally shining self. So if you accept the offer of healing (which is being presented to each of Us in each moment), understand that you may have to handle some tarnish before your glittering nature can stay in the foreground…in fact, that’s almost ALWAYS the case. Think about it: if we didn’t have layers of pain, regret, doubt, etc. covering up our innate beauty then we would have no desire to seek a lasting effect of healing.

~what’s where/recent additions~

if you wanna…

+read about my latest woes or joys (more typically ‘blog’ stuff) …check out heart-song.

+explore more intellectual material (which was co-created with heart & mind), including such topics as beliefs, Kundalini and Restless Leg Syndrome, and manic rants about science & divinity …check out out of my mind.

+enjoy a relaxing & invigorating dose of Divine energy, share a prayer, request specific healing or etheric guidance, express praise or gratitude … check out the quantum sanctuary.

+fellowship with those you feel connected with at a soul level who are also working with our planetary ascension process (including those who frequent Gea’s love-ly site, though all who resonate with this are more than welcome) …check out first-wavers/snoedel saviors. <this is also where you’ll find info on atzmi personality>

+learn about the personality test based on Carl Jung’s archetypes (which is amazingly accurate), find out where you can take a free version of the test, or read about the characteristics of those with my own type …check out jungian personality types.

~about me~

my name is, well, too ordinary for my taste. In the spiritual/metaphysical community I’m known as “rei.” [for those interested in the meaning of the word “rei”, check out the post about it in the category heart-song] – but my name is unimportant anyway, which is one reason i don’t capitalize the “r”) i mean this in general, but it is especially true regarding this virtuality known as Luminary Spirit. I merely facilitate this space. Just the messenger, as it were.

~about the first-wavers/snoedel saviors area~

There is an area here for those who are/were in the front lines of planetary ascension (note: as a reminder, that’s ALL OF US as we’re all part of the collective of beings on this planet), a place for us to maintain a sense of family, a place where it’s okay to have a sense of self (to help balance the conception of ego-as-‘bad’) – without the identity you have/had you couldn’t have been part of this glorious movement! you should see the page as one of the options at the top of the screen. i started it in response to comments I saw from Wayshowers at a particular website, but all Wayshowers (any being who is pro-spiritual evolution) are more than welcome to come and fellowship, rub elbows with the other parts of your “Self”…. Check it out! Please also take the following point seriously to heart: It is important to realize that we are all part of the same Source, and so are ALL part of this “first wave” … none are better or worse than any other aspect of the One Self for whatever flavor their evolution takes in this moment.

~a few more suggestions~

+ Be aware (which a good idea in all endeavors, actually): This space is under construction, a work-in-progress – and a progressive one at that. Not much here yet. If I find comments that show genuine interest I will make time to add more content as that would mean I have something to share that a fellow being would benefit from reading. So if any of the categories on the right are particularly captivating (or intriguing), please name them in your potential comments so I know where to focus my attention toward new content.

+ Please, don’t go there unless you really can handle the truth…. Pay attention to the categories – I am a lovingly and brutally/genuinely honest soul, so if a category hints at the old ‘truth hurts’ adage, and you aren’t sure you want that much keepin’ it real bouncing around in your head, then heed the frickin’ warnings, please! O:-)

~+~Warm Words to Feed Your Heart-Soul-Spirit~+~

I honor the infinite perfection within You … that IS You … and hope you’re starting to do the same. If you haven’t been doing the same… Do you feel the warmth inside your body that seeks your attention? Perhaps it’s more of a tingling sensation or a quiet, muffled sound, maybe hovering right above your head? However it feels, know that you have every right to enjoy the bliss You send Your Self as often as possible – that’s the main reason it’s there. So roll with the punch-drunk-love of your own making (minus the legendary hairy palms…lol).

Remember you’re here [incarnated in some version of the Earth plane(s)] for a reason. The universe doesn’t hold onto deadweight. Also remember that whatever you are doing, in whatever moment of your day, is most likely the precise thing you should be doing…even if you’re on the couch eating Neopolitan ice cream and watching “Law and Order”. Dance naked – with the lights off if you’re shy (hopefully the irony here will surface at another time if it isn’t NOW) – and celebrate the consciousness you help create.

May your life/path be easy as π, and just as helpful in working with circles. 😉

And so it is.


Special and heartfelt thanks to:

DJ and Club Recon – without your ceaseless insight, uncanny remarks, lighthearted dirty minds and divine wordplay, I would not feel qualified – or worthy – to facillitate this site. Thanks for helping me remember….

Deanna, my homegirl from DELPHI, who has helped keep me HERE through awesome understanding when all I wanted to do is fade away (not in the productive sense). You know I love you girl. Thanks for helping me keep shining goddess. O;-)

Gea, Mother-Goddess of the Snoedel Saviors who (like little ‘i’) may not have made it if it weren’t for her site! Also much love/light to jim clark, caroleen, Dre, der1331, M[edwin], radioman, Alea, bluesky, edie, and all the other regulars on the snoedel scene…. Thanks for being who you are always, and for collaborating to keep all of Us “on track.” You help me make sure my light never goes dim; I hope I continually do the same for each of Us and the collective we became. How’s 5D for you these moments?

(((cosmic hugs))) TO MY SOUL FAMILY WHO RECENTLY ADDED THEIR LIGHT HERE VIA COMMENTS, esp. MY ULTRA-INTERCONNECTED HOME-IES THAT CLICKED HERE via Gea’s baby…and i am equally grateful to ALL my soul family – regardless of how they came to visit this crystalline cyberspace. i’m just as grateful to those who have never knowingly entered the electronic realms of Luminary Spirit. *** thanks for existing in some way, shape or form! ***


10 responses

19 06 2008

truth doesn’t hurt rei, truth never hurts.

lies are what do it.

19 06 2008

for my soul , at least.


keep it coming!!! this is great in-sight 🙂


der § ek

2 09 2008

dear souls please save all humanity in 20012

7 09 2008

will do . in like 10,000 years man im so happy to see that YOU are here! REI! IS IT CLOSE ENOUGH TO YOU YET!?

this is I






yes, judicial.

now world world no f*way.

so who’s up south? what’s down low? neither! X




coming out now with XOOX

7 09 2008

i may bring out the worst in them , you , but you are too wise. very incorruptible. ?

13 09 2008

Ouh, very nice place ya got set up here – ai may come backs and have another look some time *wink*

13 09 2008


19 12 2008

there is nothing i can say to accurately convey but i am

9 05 2011


quantum salutations may 9th 2011

9 12 2011
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