first-wavers/snoedel saviors


Wilcomen! Bienveneu! Welcome!

that’s from a musical number, but the next lines would never work here. Why, you ask?

i’m glad you asked! they are the German, French and English words for “stranger” – and if you’re here you’re no stranger to me (rei) or to having your very own Luminary Spirit. Chances are its luminosity just grew exponentially in the last few linear-time Earth days. Welcome to the Fifth Dimension! Welcome to the frontiers of the new realm we’ve been allowed to enter to help shape the way it’s experienced by us and by the millions who will soon ascend into its open arms.

<5D luvs 2 giv hugs>

NOTE: we are all part of the First Wave as we are all ONE in both the holographic universe & in the overall scheme of things. let’s try not to get too caught up in these labels. this page was titled a while ago. there are no real “waves” that would imply some kind of hierarchy, as we’re all in this together. it’s all happening to us simultaneously, in a divinely-timed way. the collective of the planet is part of the so-called “first wave” – just as the collective is connected as ONE in all other ways.

Editor’s note: now that the Divine has revealed to me some of the more ‘technical’ or logistical aspects of our ascension/dimensional shift, i really feel the need to stress the fact (yes, fact) that the perspective described below is no longer valid. i do, however, still feel that the folks who regularly visit and contribute to the Snoedel site have a genuine connection in terms of either our roles during the shift or, perhaps, our roles in the post-shift version of Earth.

Divine Guidance has shown me that the First Wave (the first group of Lightworkers to ascend into 5D) has become a collective soul, a miniature version of Oneness, and its individual components are us – we can’t deny our multidimensional nature NOW my beloved family. If we’re all reading this in front of our computers and are simultaneously connected as a Higher Conscious Awareness, we are in two “places” at once – and that’s the bare-bones definition of multidimensional existence (in our old 3D terms).

I don’t think I could’ve picked a better bunch to share my existence as a collective soul than each of you, not even if I’d been given the opportunity and knew enough folks to make up such a collective. [NOTE: I tend to avoid the word “person” as it really, especially now, doesn’t accurately describe what we are.] And I know I don’t even officially know all of you very well. I’m sure several of us have shared alternate lives together, are from similar sectors of the vast expanse of intergalactic/dimensional “space,” have been in eerily similar sticky situations and have learned similar life lessons to enable us to progress to a point at which we were all deemed worthy by Spirit (and capable, despite having felt bombarded by crises and other trials) to be given the keys to the kingdom of terrestrial Heaven and to our own 5D treasure chests, which are brimming with new tools to assist us in helping the rest of humanity awaken, evolve, resurrect, ascend…it’s all the same process with the same goal.

At least for now, this collective soul is also my personal Higher/Future Self – the wise, advanced part of the experiential me who knows how it all plays out. Victory, naturally! And then overwhelming peace, abundance, bliss, impeccability, service and power used in unconditional love for the highest good for ALL!

Since the morning of December 13, 2007 i noticed those who regularly contribute to the sacred enigma that is Gea’s Snoedel showing a renewed (or more pronounced) urge to feel connected to ourselves. [if you never had the opportunity to visit this site, here is the address -though you may only be able to access the page from Firefox, Safari or Netscape – ] i noticed the desire – i mean a healthy desire, not the kind buddhists say to 86 – for a sense of community. We’ve all read multiple messages and channelings that speak of the importance of community in this phase of universal evolution. And some of you may remember that at some point 5D will shift away from 3D and those 5D beings will seem invisible to 3D after that. I figure the internet is probably going to stay multi-D as long as the hardware can support the different vibrations. And most of us haven’t had millions of dollars to spend or i’m sure we’d visit everybody.

So here is a chance to sit, talk, visit, and share anyway, in “virtual reality.” I will find a way for us to post photos (PG13 at most please folks lol), and I hope you’ll take full advantage of the discussion feature that WordPress offers. I’d like us to know the stereotypical a/s/l/ (age/sex/location) of each piece of ourselves. I’d like for us to feel as if we’d spent hours in hip coffee shops philosophizing, shared secrets that may as well have been whispered into an ear, feel a sense of Home and Family. That’s why i revamped this wished-it-were-a-blog to make space for this endeavor. I’m glad you decided to check it out and hope that we can all combine virtual-reality fellowship with actual connection with each other as Light, and maybe it’ll feel like we’ve physically spent time together. And as soon as we can master time travel and take the hologram of our physical selves along, we can then fulfill that desire too.


11 responses

19 12 2007

me IS mastering time travel all the time ;} i don’t know anything, but i think i travel so fast i even can’t see my self ;DD

21 12 2007

maybe that’s the secret to losing the identity which is so necessary to fully complete my next aspect of the mission…just be more CONSCIOUS of the time-travel i keep doing.

thanks for checking this out radioman, glad to have your energy here!

~bliss ‘n kisses~

29 02 2008

I Am Here With You.

22 03 2008

Nice site you have here, Rei. And yes, I’m here too, wherever it is…..

23 03 2008

Thank YOU rei,

you are a wonderful soul ..

25 03 2008

merci beaucoup bizoos
still smiling
feelings … home

7 07 2008

What a beautiful place to venture into!!!

We come and re align our true soul nature to our highest vibratory g0

21 11 2008

Dear rei, and all my other dear sisters and brothers – I was kind of popped in here. And it feels very good. I feel love. I’ve been spotting several of you for some time… Now what? Let us see.

23 11 2008

paul, how nice that synchronicity led you to this space.
it is meant to have a very loving energy, so i’m glad you feel it.
now what? infinite joy & harmony is just around the corner….

9 05 2011



-derek, crystal LOVE in ONE I AM

12 11 2013

shouts OWliiiii_iiiiilWO

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