On REALiiity – Science Itself PROVES Existence of SOMETHING Divine

a few days ago I happened to find a rant, a manifesto of sorts, on lots of topics. i wrote it in a manic phase sometime in 2004, before i had the breadth of experience to realize just how much insight was recorded when i was burning that pre-dawn oil.

I am transcribing it below, verbatim except for misspelled words and other mechanical things – and anything in [brackets] is material I couldn’t resist adding. some of this I still feel is ‘right’, some only half-right, and some are moot points (they don’t matter now). if any of you are writers I’m sure you have gone through this – finding a piece of work you didn’t remember well and on a fresh read you’re almost startled at how ‘on point’ your ideas were that day, even though you weren’t conscious of their ‘on point-ness’. this piece is also remniscient of a glob of thoughts that pour out of your brain at 4:03am after, well, after lots of various events or scenes. without further ado…


On REALiiity – Science Itself PROVES the Existence of SOMETHING Divine

There is a world, existing in the “space” of physical reality (I say “space” in quotation marks b/c this world takes up no space), that is as real as the tangible world [if not more so, and contains w/i its subtleties and allusions all of the answers to life’s big questions, the keys to the universe and existence. We see traces of this world – albeit degenerate representations in some cases – in relatively dismissed processes: aura reading, ESP, astrology, numerology, palmistry, acupuncture, qi gong…. But also this world momentarily reveals itself in more mainstream ways: intense religious experiences; uplifting emotional responses to music; sex; drugs like opium or ecstasy [the latter is, as would be expected, a poor likeness of the true state it is designed to imitate]. The first list contains practices that the majority of Western society considers suspect or impossible, and in cases where the motivation is financial they are right. Most books on these topics that occupy shelves at chain bookstores do not contain clues to this inner world. Videos are just as unreliable, and seminars and workshops that cost hundreds of dollars often do not offer a real connection with this world of infinite wisdom & unity.

The main reason these fringe practices are not trusted is b/c society gets the impression that these farcical, consumer-driven models of the systems actually represent the philosophies or processes they claim to be teaching [or practicing]. The problem here is that people who are truly in touch w/ the invisible realm of existence seldom try to capitalize on their sensitivity to this world. They speak of it only w/those that share their panache for perception beyond the five senses [and more than likely, if you are reading this you would be part of that ‘in’ crowd]. They practice with or on those that also have some understanding of the level from which they draw their energy. And when (if) they try to explain what they do and how they do it to someone without a personal connection to this other world, that uninformed [snobby word choice, eh?] person can only recall the business entures of so-called gurus – so why should they believe another suspicious testimony?

Another reason [the public rejects] the possibility of something beyond normal perception is the overwhelming tendency for those glimpses of the alternate reality[ies] to occur in solitude, meaning the person is alone in the visible world. Sometimes there may be an animal present, or other persons with similar energies, but a mystical experience is far less likely to happen if there is any enery around that is onaware or wary of the plane to which the mystic travels. I’ve been alone for most of my encounters with the unseen force of the universe [which I revise in my individual terminology as LIGHT (which isn’t invisible)]. In meditation I have seen beyond (or into) the particles of logical reality to a place where every visible thing becomes a moving, color-changing haze, and soon after a grey-black vacuum…the place you enter when you huff freon or snort ketamine or take dissociatives in general [or at least the sensation is similar]. I am alone when this happens. Once I saw a similar thing happening around my dog…mostly green but many colors around him. [It’s easiest to try in low light with the being in front of a white background for those of you who wish to experiment with this kind of sight.]

Western science refutes all claims of a realm present within the physical reality [except for string theory]. This is understandable. Western science is based on a method of proving hypotheses and collecting evidence to support arguments. It works with elements that can be measured with instruments. It dismisses anecdotal evidence. So the above examples are not proof that my experiences are possible.[…ended transcription of the manuscript here. if i think it deserves to be finished on this site, or if there’s an odd interest in seeing it in its finished state, i’ll come back to it yesterday. (hmm…yeah that’s intentional…) otherwise, you get the idea i’d imagine. thanks for your interest!]

Copyright 2008 by rei ~ email: beyond1life@gmail.com ~ Feel free to share this information with others. Please simply make sure the entire article is shared unaltered and it maintains this copyright notice.


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17 06 2008


19 06 2008

i saw a deer in headlights but not the physical form of it kind of like a shadow.

and then i saw a black cat!

but this one appeared to be physical but i sensed it’s vibration before, as always, in peace light and love


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