kundalini & restless leg syndrome

i have done some research recently into the symptoms of Kundalini Awakening, including what is called Kundalini Phenomena (basically this is the symptoms of the Kundalini that persist enough to seek the answers for ourself, and it is important to not get attached to the symptoms so they can continue to progress).

it suddenly hit me that my own occasionally ‘clogged’ Kundalini energy echoed the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). often the “phenomena” seem neurological in nature, creating unusual somatic sensations in the body. if you live in America you have likely seen commercials for the new medications designed to help relieve the symptoms, and perhaps they have similar ads in other parts of our world. i am *not* trying to start a debate over the Western medication construct and i will try to keep my own opinions out of this discussion, but i wanted to bring this up because it signals significant changes in the mass consciousness.

[Note: I haven’t spent much energy pondering whether or not RLS is an actual medical condition independent of being a way the Kundalini awakening process manifests in an individual life. there is a chance that some cases of RLS are actually related to the left-brained approach to dis-ease. but intuitively, i sense that EVERY case of RLS is a manifestation of the Kundalini awakening process. use discernment to see if this resonates for/with you, and i honor & respect whatever position you choose regarding the issue. Namaste!]

possibly most important to notice is this: if these symptoms are common enough that the pharm companies are manufacturing things to make them bearable (whether or not that helps us, overall, in acknowledging the presence of this beautiful energy…for she will continue her awakening process whether or not we try to dull the symptoms of it)
then a MUCH GREATER NUMBER OF INDIVIDUAL ASPECTS OF THE DIVINE ONESELF ARE ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN OUR ASCENSION than we may have previously believed…especially if my intuitive feeling that ALL cases of RLS are really symptoms of Kundalini awakening is accurate.

of course the level of conscious involvement is debatable, and if folks are taking a pill to simply deal with the symptoms enough to get sleep at night (no judgment here!) then they may not be very conscious of the process that is unfolding, but it is important to notice that if they have these symptoms then their own Kundalini is, in fact, awakening and so the ascension of humanity & all creative essences is having a more profound & ubiquitous effect on the ‘general masses’ than we previously gave them credit for (again, whether or not we participate CONSCIOUSLY is not as important as the fact that we are participating at all, though of course we seem to achieve a faster or smoother shift when we are conscious participants). if some seek out the medication for their symptoms, then it is worth noticing that their Kundalini IS making itself heard and is strong enough to effect their general interactions with reality, which is definitely worth a celebratory moment!

because this is a holographic reality, we are (in some ways of viewing things) only as ‘awake’ as our most ‘sheeple’ counterparts. [please don’t judge; i used that term to be amusing. 0;-) ] so it is comforting and relieving to consider that every person who seems to experience Restless Leg Syndrome is (or may be, but to be frank & fair to my guidance, in my own reality the correct word is IS) really coming to terms with the Kundalini as it rises within them. as i said, that would mean that a MUCH greater portion of the general population is experiencing our ascension in a very tangible way.

here are a couple links to information about Kundalini awakening, including those symptoms that we carefully label “phenomena” (i say carefully bc it is important to refrain from attaching to those labels, as the seeming reality of the phenomena is meant, i think/feel, to be eventually overshadowed by the actual reality we are awakening to):

may these ideas resonate with those who vibrate in a similar frequency, and may they spread some awareness to those meant for it and ready for it. please be careful and gentle if you try to share this theory with anyone who seems especially aligned with the ‘old world’ reality as we do not want to increase the fear response, but instead to offer an alternate way of viewing the same situation…a multi-dimensional perspective, if you will, on the strange but very prevalent symptoms of RLS/Kundalini rising. please remain in an attitude of honoring all those around you as aspects of the same Love-Light we all are manifestations of, for they all are also you. also honor yourself, and this could be the most important and most difficult thing to really do…so often lightworkers have a warped sense of self, but the time for being the poor, sacrificing servant of God/dess is past. now we are asked embrace our true sovereign selves. of course, that is another subject, and is already being given plenty of attention.


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11 01 2009

Thanks, Read this because the connection also just occured to me.

26 08 2016
Thomas Plummer

Thanks for the relief of knowing that perhaps what is going on with my Awakening. Brls that I am experiencing is become extremely painful and I am unable to sleep for five six days in a row at a time. The Insight that you have offered I believe it was going to give me and you found out look out exactly what’s going on with my body in this level. Not sure where I’ll go from here. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about these issues like such as Kundalini with RLS. Send thank you again for your words on this subject I am very grateful.

30 01 2009
Legal Hallucinogens

Thanks, Read this because the connection also just occured to me.

28 07 2011

Same here….I wondered if this is a symptom of ascension and when on earth it’s going to end. I have had this for 30 years……but now take the pills to try and get a good night’s sleep….and to be honest……I do feel as if my prayer was answered to stop it…….you have to be wakened night after night, 6 or 7 times a night, for 30 years to understand that a pill that lets you sleep is a God send …….even if it interferes with your ascension :o)

6 01 2012

I started having RLS at the age of 17yrs old.. and it became very chronic, could not sit still at the movies, on airplanes is was unbearable, and I would be walking up and down the aisles, at dinner parties i kept pretending i needed to go to the bathroom or help out in the kitchen as i could not sit still, and if i told the truth to friends they used to find it very amusing, for me it became torture. I saw healers, took vitamins, researched it to bits as was so desperate, I saw neurologists, had tests done, went on a drug for a year which made it increase even more.. i was so incredibily sleep deprived. One of my boyfriends used to call me the “angry pony” as I thrashed around so much. One friend described my legs as been “vertical” in the middle of the night. Anyway in 2005 at the age of 40 I was drawn to doing some energy clearing work with a guy here in New Zealand Graham Mead. I thought i was going to see him about something my childhood, and did not even mention RLS. Within a week of seeing Graham, it just stopped. Just like that.That was six years ago, when i started my journey of lightbody activiation. Now as we have entered into 2012, and I am feeling intensely the symptoms of acsension, i have noticed the RLS has come up again, only slightly nothing like before, I totally agree with you, definately energy blocks that need to be released due to ascension. I hope this helps.. It changed my life by the way working with Graham. Happy to pass on his email address if anyone would like. He works via telephone also.

Cheers, Jules

5 10 2013

I would like to know more about the healer you worked with I am in the US, so please send email. I appreciate it. Jcecelia@aol.com

7 10 2018

Yes me too please



21 01 2018
Maggie Tonkin

Hello could you please send me contact details of Graham mead. My legs are driving me insane. I’m from Australia

7 10 2018

Me too please


7 10 2018

Yes thanksssss!!!


26 06 2012

I, too, wondered this (if RLS is an ascension symptom). That’s how I found this page. Thank you very much for your input. Also, thank you to Jules for your very helpful comment!

3 01 2013

It is really starting to unfold for me… us! I still have a lot of letting go mentally, with how I use language and emotionally with how discern my “feelings”, but I am truly begining to understand and EXPERIENCE the flow of energy/spirit within my body, especially and obviously while experiencing, what I still at times of weakess and habit refer to as, “restless legs”. The mindful language we have choosen to use in the initial post and responses has brought me closer to finding what language(s) I wish to use in order to finally let go of my fear and doubt that “restless legs” IS serving me and that I can “control it” – ie I don’t have to allow myself to suffer and not rest and to not have peace… “Symptom of ascension”. I like that. Thank you Restles Legs!! I will let you go now!

Thank all of you… us!

30 06 2013

I suddenly found the term RLS, having though it was a kundalini symptom. It did start during my first intense meditation retreat with my teacher.

It has spread to other parts of my body, and it is more bearable now. It’s intermittent with me, which suggests its more an energy thing than food or lack of something.

I try to think of it as joy entering the being, which is what my teacher hinted at. The less I resist it, the more it has spread and become less intense in the one area.
It also occurred to a very intuitive friend that it might be sexual energy – or sexually frustrated energy maybe?

I think I’ll avoid seeking pills for the moment. Thanks for helping to link these two ideas.

12 11 2013

Still rockin’ throwing down rainbow flags in neutral territory making those who choose to hear it blessed and just a warning for those w`o are not ready

hey rei, deanyah, dre, sss, snoedel journalers lightworkers et cetera

7 02 2014

My mother used to shuffle her legs while watching TV. At about 30yo I started to get a weird feeling in one or both legs while watch TV or at night in bed. I heard it was called restless legs syndrome. It wasn’t until about 25 years later that I started to pay more attention to the sensations which I had infrequently. It felt like a build up of energy that wanted to move up and through my body. It was when the ‘pressure’ became too uncomfortable that the impulse to move became irresistible. But, when I did resist, the energy would move up my legs and into my stomach area. Then I had to move because it sometimes felt like a swirling mass of sexual energy that was overwhelmingly uncomfortable. However, I soon noticed that if I could sit it out and let the energy move wherever it wanted, it would soon dissipate. As a result, the episode would last for only a very intense minute or two, instead of several hours. About three years ago I committed to a Spiritual Path and learned about Kundalini. But I still wasn’t sure if this was what I had been experiencing. Two years ago I went through a 5 month Awakening, immediately preceded by an episode of ‘RLS’. During the Awakening, the energy, which often felt sexually ecstatic, coursed through my body unhindered. I now have no doubt whatsoever that RLS is an energetic issue and part of a natural transformative process. Therefore medication is not the way to go. If anything, it further blocks the process. Unfortunately, we live in an era where misunderstood experiences (physical & mental) tend to be slapped with a medical or psychiatric diagnosis. To our peril, we have ignored for too long, that we are not just a body and a mind, we are spiritual beings as well. And further, that as human beings, our body’s nervous system is the instrument that aids the transformation and therefore, it’s all part of the evolutionary process.

4 08 2014

I made the connection et voila your post confirmed, thank you.

30 09 2014

My mother is suffering from RLS for a long long time. In fact her mother had it, her two brothers and two sisters have it, and almost all their children inclusive me are having it, though not so seriously yet.
Since I had a Kundalini awakening experience a while ago, it suddenly appeared in my mind that RLS and maybe also fibromyalgia (which I am diagnosed) are energy/kundalini-linked and seems I wasn’t alone.
My question for now is more practical; what to do about it?
At this moment my mother who is invalid at 2 legs and is terminally ill from cancer has a real hard time.
Especially caused by this RLS that seems to increase in strength and in frequency, now 4 to 5 nights a week. Her body is so week, she can not eat, she is fed by a gavage, she has only a small piece of small intestine and a stoma, but what is the most exhausting and discouraging are the Restless Legs. Especially since she is disabled and getting in and out a bed or sofa is extremely exhausting for her, as so walking around with her trolley all night long.
So how to deal with it now we know it has to do with Kundalini, rather an energy thing.
Please can someone help my mother????
Please urgently..

30 09 2014

One of the things that may be making your Mother’s symptoms worse is that she’s unable to eat very much. This raises the energy and is why fasting is part of some people’s spiritual practice. Now that you’ve accepted it’s kundalini, I suggest you do some research on-line into the management of the energy. One thing I’ve read about is eating meat because it’s denser than (for example) a vegetarian diet. This could be difficult for your Mother, but you’ll come across other suggestions. There are also forums you can join so you get answers specific to you or your Mother’s experiences. I hope this is helpful. Namaste.

2 08 2015

One thing I have found to help is developing awareness of the central column that connects the chakras. For me bringing this awareness to the sensation allows it move through the central channel and dissipate the intensity. Also grounding often, connecting energetically to the earth core by sending out the central column down into the Earth. Or actually walking barefoot in the ground.
Although doing this in the middle of the night might be inconvenient 🙂 A regular practice of grounding can be helpful.

26 06 2016

You’re really full of yourself

15 11 2016

I experienced “restless leg syndrome” for a few years. Then one day I sat a 10 day vipassana retreat, and became aware of “intense electricity” in both of my knees (the only way I know how to describe the sensation with in words). Throughout the course of the vipassana retreat I observed as these sensations passed (sankharas released) and with it the “restless leg syndrome” ceased.

22 05 2017

Well this is relieving. For the last few days I’ve been experiencing this symptom, like in the middle of the night I felt like there was so much energy in my legs and I couldn’t keep them still and wanted to like kick something. Temporary solution was to quickly shake legs for 10-20 seconds – similar to a channel release technique I’ve been doing with my arms. A thought came to me that it might be releasing blockages although it didn’t really occur to me that it’s a consequence of my spiritual work. Then I googled it and this was the first page to show. Thank you, I’m glad I read this. It’s interesting that I recently become interesting in raising Kundalini, and 2 days ago I bought a book called Spiritual nutrition – six foundations for spiritual life and the awakening of Kundalini (and the first chapter and only chapter I read until now is about Kundalini), and yesterday I bought atlantisite crystal which supposedly helps with awakening of Kundalini 🙂 Namaste!

17 08 2017
Gisela Gomez

How long will the symptoms persist? I’ve had this for about 2 years now and its starting to climb up my knees starting for my feet.

30 03 2018
Matthew Knickle

Kundalini is a demonic snake spirit. I realized this after being saved by Jesus Christ. His Holy Spirit over powered this spirit times a gazillion. You guys need to seek Jesus with all your heart and be delivered from this demon. Unless you want to stay in the dark and pretend you are enlightened.. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life.

13 04 2018

Interesting to read your thoughts about RLS and Kundalini. My RLS srarted when I was around 10 years old and over the years it moved up into my thighs, then hands and arms and in my 20ies I started to also feel it in my chest. During my pregnancy when I was 27 it was torture, just unbearable. I had to exercise, dance and wonder around during the nights which was very stressfull. My gynaecologist said it could be due to iron deficiency. I just discovered last year that it helps a lot when I take Magnesium just before going to bed! I never wanted to take those parkinson pills against it.
But yes, to me it always felt like too much energy that forced me to move eventually (and then again and again). I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t. Sometimes it helps to concentrate and breathe into it.
I started Kundalini classes around three years ago and during the first months I could feel electricity in my feet during some exercises, asked my teacher about it but she had never heard of that before.
I have had depersonalization and loss of ego experiences. It also started when I was 10-11 years old and feels like an “awakening” out of the situation I’m in like coming to realise that I’m not this person and not in this situation right now but rather just observing from somewhere else. For years it made me feel weird when it happened, I tried to explain it to my mother and thought I was going crazy. And when I was 19 (and smoking marihuana) I experienced pure conciousness disconnected from being “a person”. I was just being and thought it is ridiculous to identify as a person, having a name, sex, age, family and so on….I realised how absurd it is to identify with this “character”. Very interesting experience!
Anyway, the thought that RLS could be rising Kundalini just occured to me and obviously I’m not the only one who has thought about that.
Especially the rising of the energy/ restlessness up to my chest makes me wonder. I’ve never felt it in my throat or head though. From now on I will try to see it as something positive and exciting and help it to move upwards. Who knows…
Do you guys also have quiet months without RLS and then it comes back for some days/ weeks/ months?
I know that both my parents also have (had) it but apart from that I only know one other woman who had it (only during pregnancy).

3 06 2018

I wondered if my RLS had something to do with energy too, but as a severe sufferer I almost ended my life after 8 days of being awake due to RLS In my spine. I can’t deal with the symptoms

27 01 2019

Thank you for this article.

I’ve been through Kundalini awakening process for over 10 years. I had restless legs for decades prior to this. Symptoms increased 10 years ago to intense muscle ticks all over my body. At first I went the medical route having loads of tests for MS, Parkinson & neurological tests. Nerve muscle testing showed all the disruption in my electrical system without any underlying damage to the body.

Following a host of chakra centre explosions & spontaneous yoga (I can only describe it as the inner yogi putting me through a process of physical correction) I realised something else was happening!!

I nolonger have restless legs or body spasms… etc…. what I do get is surges of prana through my cells and energy system.

Blessings to all out there suffering with theses energies. It may well be an underlying kundalini process. You don’t need to be spiritual for this to happen 🙂 i thinks it’s worth considering the following:- cut down on sugar (Eliminate processed white stuff in all forms), drink clean water and make sure you have a diet rich in vitamins & minerals especially potassium and magnesium.

Meditate, relax and activate through tapping your feet and palms to see if you can move the energies. Kundalini process has its own rhythm but if knew about tapping my feet and palms years ago I would have done!

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