quantum sanctuary


This page is here for one purpose only – to provide a sacred area within the framework of this website for prayer, reflection, meditation, any label for whatever active ideas related to your Path.

It is a temple, an altar, a sanctuary in traditional “church” terminology. It is physical space reserved for communication with the Divine….

[and trust me, the Divine doesn’t give two trumpets whether you call something like this a temple or a church. All names for God still signify God.]

You may post comments in this room (on this particular PAGE in the PAGES WITHIN PAGES category in the main entrance) in the form of Prayer Requests, provide info about a situation that requires healing and request that healing be mindfully sent to that situation, post an official Thank You – to a person or a Higher something – for a change in someone’s circumstances that seems at least partially a case of Divine Intervention.

You may post a cry for help from Whomever or Whatever you think can help (and if you want or feel you NEED help PLEASE ask for it, ask someone if you don’t ask Spirit in this space…please…we can’t afford to lose any of ours). We all need help; none of us can do it alone (all-one, sure). And if you think you’ve done this all by yourself, you haven’t. The Divine realm has stepped in countless times (so show some respect!!)

Because of the true nature of “reality,” all that is necessary is that you fully accept the following:

  • If you believe this space can serve such a purpose, reach across denominations and specific religions in the process, IT WILL.
  • Understand that rei, as the site’s facilitator, is empowered enough to create this virtual sanctuary or prayer room in humble gratitude for the sacred.
  • Because of rei’s nature and the nature of Spirit, this virtual room will be concrete according to Cosmic (Sacred) Law.
  • If you can put a pinch of trust in rei then you will understand how it is possible for rei to declare – without any sense of pride or audacity – that this room will have Divine ears ceaselessly listening to your pains, sorrows, praises, and ungrounded crises, and that all prayers/comments will be taken seriously…further, if rei, as facilitator, unconsciously or through her Higher Self intuits your situation as genuine and your belief sincere, that same part of rei will, in a way, put in a good word for you. I will ask for special attention to those whose intentions are pure and who deserve some validationn….

HOWEVER…that would not be the type of special attention we think of here – in no way would others’ needs and desires receive ‘less attention.’ There’s not much special treatment up there (out there) in the way we perceive it. But if you need some sort of response NOW…if it’s escalated perhaps, then (IF) part of Rei hears that extra speck of “need” she will pass on the intensity accordingly.

If your need is strong enough (or if you come into your OWN power to a certain extent, you won’t need additional attention anyway. I bet none of you do anyway, if you’re here! I guess I feel like I’m helping a little bit more if I know that part of myself can and will recognize it when we (“we” as in You, Me, the Divine in all its forms and any stuff related to your situation) have a Code Red situation. When your physical and Higher self are more closely aligned, you may not visit this room much more as you will be able to answer YOUR OWN PRAYERS. How’s that for empowerment?

We are all equally perfect reflections of the miracle called existence. But intention is important, often more important than what we actually DO. Some of us might have greedy, ego-based intentions overriding our understanding of what’s best or for the greater good, for example. The next time that same person could come from a place of more clarity, less ego, pure-r intentions, and would not have any sort of invisible record – there are no Three Strikes rules in Higher Law.

Also, there will inevitably be those who have been on the Path and have paid their various dues, learned life lessons, and might be in a low place, in need of upliftment. Those souls need validation a teeny bit more than those whose lives are less tumultuous, at least in that low place. It is hard to forget there’s a huge team on Your Side when lots of shtick hits you at once. When every day is a battle full of lack and drama, it’s easy to feel alone and abandoned. We never are. Trust me on that. Or look up, close your eyes and verify that for yourself.

So, if all that fine print didn’t wisk away your connection with the Sacred right now, please, go within and find out if you have any comments to post in this sanctuary. They are heard anyway, but I (rei) find that things feel like they work better with a pro-active approach. Whatever you do is what’s best for you to do.

If you find the idea of a virtual meditation room totally possible and feel drawn to share anything, KNOW that you aren’t wasting your time here. You will be heard. You will KNOW you were heard because you will FEEL IT in your magnificent heart.

If you’re older, don’t worry about what you feel as if it were heart disease (heart palpitations are often a side effect of our unfolding spiritual awakening) – unless it exists in your family, you have other risk factors or you feel that what you feel in your heart is strictly physical.

[disclaimer: nothing is a substitute for medical advice and examination and none of this is intended to be interpreted that way, so I am not an MD and am not pretending to be one – don’t ignore signs of a heart attack because we NEED you here, now, with the rest of us.]

Let the Love of the Divine Carry the Burdens You Bring Here & Hear Your Glowing Gratitude….




12 responses

23 12 2007

I want to send out a note of blessings & gratitude to all my family of Light, & to say don’t worry, I’m working very diligently on the “right way” to bring about the end of the game. So thanks for your patience & for all the gifts I’m given – you know I’m thankful beyond what any words can describe. Peace to you for eternity!

3 01 2008

We welcome visitors from all conscious grids and all galactic formations for we are all universally fit to re-sieve and sew new information into each other’s centered being… Witness no-thing as I plant a seed and water it with my emotions, grounded in this sight, and gets it’s energy from you, the source.


3 01 2008

aw, shucks der[ek]/indi-ghost/* too (i’d guess?) your comment is so insanely beautiful & full of grace. i’m afraid my expression of gratitude & appreciation won’t match it no matter how i put the words together.

i’m merely the facilitator of this space, this virtual place of transcendent bliss, energetic cleansing & crystalline/Christed self-actualization. it is probably a global ascension portal as well at this point. i know that, additionally, I AM THAT I AM, a particle of the Oneness of All That Is, radiating Light to illuminate ultimate Truth – in this way I do act as the Sun & bring life to a planted seed.

if the Truth of “who and what I am” suggests that i’m closer to embodying Source than what those ideas signify, then i am confident your words will trigger memories & activations to move me, consciously, “forward” & “upward” to unite with you & all those of my soul family who are enjoying full conscious awareness of their enlightened state – and I will finally be reunited with the part of Me that shifted on Dec. 13, 2007.

and if i’m truly closer to embodying Source than that 2nd paragraph would suggest, then i lovingly & gently ~command~ that such a chain of events be brought forth into manifestation for the Highest Good of ALL, right now, and that such a truth will fully become reality ~ for me & anyone who, according to universal laws, would both benefit from it & be capable of receiving such rewarding love-light ~ by the moment this perceived night is kissed by the sun into day.

by the grace of God in its many names and forms, AND SO IT IS.

my thanks to you, derek, indeed is too huge to put into words. i look forward to seeing you work on that orange grid with my own three eyes.

26 02 2008

Grapefruit Grid.

Tidal wave
Clean Slate
Cosmic Christ Consciousness

Indigo Vibes of Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energies +/-

24 03 2008
~*~ aTzMi ~*~

thank you

4 04 2008

My eyes are not open. However, once in a awhile i think I can see through my eyelids…
That’s not quite it. Perhaps it could be better likened to looking over my own shoulder. at any rate, I have crossed the bridge, but now i am standing at a fork in the road. im facing the right way, but i need a push.

push me.

4 04 2008

my darling Jikki…
i couldn’t agree more. and if i had a better grasp on what my own particular abilities are in this part of the process i would be offering some version of this “push”…
until then, i am waiting and open to a new way of understanding my role in our situation. i hope for all our sakes you – and others with similar sentiments – can try on my current shoes to better understand why it doesn’t seem like more has ‘happened.’

thanks for the comments,
and to all light-inclined visitors i welcome any suggestions/advice/code words/etc. that could help me and any who are intimately connected to me (as opposed to the way we are all connected) get over this hump, or manifest the best possible “push” to get us to the outcome we decided was the most beneficial.

5 05 2008

jikki, you can always go up and look at the two paths from a bird’s eye view!

5 05 2008

Your wings push the air and ride the wind. Imagine you are a bird serpent god with universal consciousness, and a very powerful third eye. You are in contact with the Pleiadians while you soar over the world, in both literal and metaphorical SensII.


7 07 2008


6 05 2009

Ok, I happen to stumble upon this website when I was lookig for reiki healing and meditation, and I had no idea that der1331 (derek) was part of this fascinating group. I, myself indeed think that opening the mind to all sources of light is good. I healed my mind from all bad, and now my mind and body is better. No matter who you are, or where you come from, its what you can see and understand that matters. I feeel that everything is judged too quickly, be that as it is we are few. We need to stick together and the universe is ours. Personal healing an gratification towards the sub – diverse culture is needed in this chaotic world. When we look deep in ourselves, that when we truly can discover life. You can see whats in front of you, but try looking a little deeper you might find its more precious than you think. Love yourself, for there is no other, and when you truly find the meaning behind your eyes, then you’ve made a foot print in the universe.

As big as it may seem, the world is in your hands. Take it, appreciate it, love it.

For that is your only hope of survival and the only way to the gate.

Let the journey begin.

~Deanyah DeStefano ❤

9 05 2011



I read that 🙂

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