“beam me up, Scottie!” – why this attitude may sabotage our progress

One of my good friends in virtuality wrote an amusing comment to a message about the friendly e.t. involvement in our planet’s ascension/enlightenment. He said, “crazy aliens…land or shut up.” I have no doubt that he shared a view that many in the metaphysical community are feeling… a kind of exasperation… we hear about these wonderful harmonious things that will be perpetually happening “soon” and it’s enough to make anyone go through a mini-dark night of the soul.

I should probably warn you that there isn’t much lovey-dovey-fluffy-bunny stuff in this message. Sometimes we benefit from ideas that help us evaluate our perspectives and lead to positive evolution. So, this message is less about warm tidings of redundant concepts and more about significant pitfalls that even the most discerning person can run into…especially if she/he puts much time into reading “channeled” material.

There are some serious problems with putting an excessive amount of faith and trust in our Christed E.T. hommies. I won’t go into all of them, but here are some of the main issues I’ve seen – these are things that can negatively impact our spiritual progress or distract us from inner work that our souls want us to focus on, though all of them can be lessons we learn that contribute to our growth.

One negative result of this focus on our friendly-e.t.s’ correspondence is taking the messages too far (example: selling one’s house and belongings to sit in a corn field and wait to be taken on board a craft of some sort, or listening to those 4-am radio shows with fanatic dedication). Another major problem with this clinging to the Christed-flying-saucer stuff is that doing so means you give your power away to some off-planet being who is claiming it will save us. So much has already been shared about the importance of personal power/sovereignty/empowerment that I won’t elaborate on it here, but it is worth noticing that an obsessive attention to these channeled messages from off-planet sources is a definite act of giving one’s power away. Regardless of what your favorite messenger says, we are responsible for saving ourselves. They may be helping and guiding us, but we need to show that we can master our own creative endeavors first. We are all becoming Christed beings, so we are our own saviors… the purported “Second Coming” of the Christian mythology is partially accurate – the difference is that we will all be the Messiah figures. The second coming will be a mass of Saviors all over the planet, and not an individual who appears to return for this purpose.

Also it is extremely important to realize that giving significant attention/time/etc. to these messages from friendly aliens often leads to an ungrounded state that is sending out a signal of wanting to escape. Please be discerning when you are reading such messages and evaluate whether you are feeling that desire-to-escape energy. Such an energy vibration can end up creating all sorts of complications in one’s path and life, far too many to list here. They can range from minor setbacks to extreme blocks to our positive progress. Both the tendency to be “ungrounded” and the underlying signal of i-wanna-escape-this-scenario/planet/whatever can complicate things tremendously.

To look at it practically, if you were truly meant to be in whatever star system (for example) you think of as “home” then you wouldn’t be incarnated on the planet right now. We did not come to the planet at this critical part of its evolution to simply pine away for our home realm. We came for some other purpose, which is a very individual thing, but I guarantee that for the purpose of our current lifetime, we already are “home.” (Speaking as an adult crystal child, I have personally gone through that experience of feeling like I was from some other “place” – so I’ve been there people!)

I/we understand that it takes some practice to re-condition one’s self so that she or he is comfortable in a grounded state, and it takes some practice to change that undercurrent of an escape desire, especially if a desire to escape has primarily been a so-called “subconscious” signal. But these changes can be done, and one finds their existence is smoother and more comfortable once the changes take root. (Note: For anyone who is working in a responsible way on astral traveling, it is worth noting that being grounded WILL NOT interfere with astral travel. If anything, it will enhance the process – if done responsibly. Proper grounding only makes astral travel or astral projection a safer activity and does not interfere with the activity itself. If one has been working with astral travel in an irresponsible way, there is a chance that being properly grounded may interfere – but that is the cosmos’ way of showing the individual that they were using unsafe methods that could have led to unfortunate consequences.)

Being a ceiling surfer is not going to help the planet. Although in some cases it does help to be meditating in order to process higher level vibrations, in most moments of most of our daily lives we need to be grounded in the Now to be able to effect the maximum amount of positive change/progress. Many of us are in a meditative state no matter what we are physically doing, so in this sense we are processing these higher energies whether we sit on a pillow or not.

We are serving as vessels or conductors or conduits for the energy that will bring the harmonic aspects of “heaven” down to earth, and most of us are also charged with the task of physical-level action/volunteering/advocacy to compliment or supplement the non-visible work we do. Because of this dynamic, it is really, really important to digest the fact that we are not going anywhere!

There is an exception to this not-going-anywhere though: if we don’t do the work to become at least 50% service-to-all in our energy, or release/complete at least 50% of our karma, then we will be going somewhere. When our more harmonious reality arrives, those who haven’t done this work will be transported to another reality similar to 3d earth to continue their lessons – and it is important to understand this is not a form of punishment or judgment; rather, it is the universe’s way of giving all of us what we want (since not everyone, at this point, genuinely wants to exist in a more harmonious reality). But, for those who are wanting to experience the higher-vibrating version of Earth, it is really crucial to digest and accept the fact that we are not going somewhere. We are bringing a heavenly version of things to the planet, NOT leaving the planet behind to suffer while we enjoy cosmic pina coladas at an interdimensional retreat.

According to the group-mind called Ra in the Law of One materials, our new version of reality on earth will be 100 TIMES MORE HARMONIOUS than the 3d realm we were used to. That is certainly worth doing the work to experience, wouldn’t you say? But as we do our work, we need to remember that staying grounded and remaining open to whatever scenarios come our way – rather than latching onto the idea of a savior in a flying saucer who will rescue us – is a more skillful approach that could very likely bring us results more quickly.

Remember we are all immensely powerful beings, and choosing to keep our power is one way to keep a high level of vibration. According to the way cosmic (and quantum) physics works, we need to be a vibrational match for our preferred outcome in order to experience it. If you choose to experience a version of Earth that is 100 times more harmonious than the 3d version, it is worth seriously paying attention to how much you are giving the power to be uplifted to something other than your own purest self (inner self).

Comments are welcome…

In light and peace,
rei & friends


5 responses

31 07 2008

Hey Rei, thnx for this article…I first read it on Snoedel, but I couldn’t place any comments there, I’ve been naughty in my comments (too negative) and because of that they’ve blocked me…never mind

The times I was on snoedel, much of my comments were pointing exactly to what you are saying ….don’t expect salvation will happen in the future…don’t expect to be saved by others….don’t focus too much on channelings written by others…

I see only God/Goddes…..no light versus dark force….
I see only ONE universal soul…and we all…the entire universe IS living IN that soul….every human…everything in this universe…is part of that same Universal soul….

In other words…God( I prefer Shiva) and Goddess(Shakti) IS each and everyone of us….
There is nothing to reach….No higher truth exists than the truth of simply being in the HERE and NOW

Christ….Buddha….Quan Yin..Earth..moon..stars..You, me, every human is a living expression of the same ” I AM” ….

When we tune into our innervoice…we are listening to our true SELF…God

that’s why I say: I see only God…everywhere that I look: All I see is God;
in God , in Oneness….terms/words like : ” you” ” me” don’t exist

I know this: I am the christ risen…in my eyes every human is christ allready
in my eyes everybody is a face of Goddess

I am eternal…we all are Eternal

Once again : thank’s for this great article

You’re gifted


31 07 2008

thanks Edwin!
i remember your past comments on snoedel, but it seems you took a different tone in commenting here – maybe a sign of progress/growth?
i agree we are all divine beings, gods and goddesses pretending to be mere humans.

p.s. we are all gifted! but thanks for the kind words.

1 08 2008

At that time I was discovering and accepting my dark side…my demon.
To be frankly , I don’t believe anymore that we can ” grow” into anything…everybody is born as a divine being allready.

Discovering our true Self, comes by letting go all expectations, all hopes, all beliefs that we try to hold unto.

If we are divine beings…what is there to reach for? what progress we have to make?

15 10 2008


i’m glad you have gone through your integration process.

and while i agree we are all innately divine creatures, already gods and goddesses as soon as our infant bottom is slapped to make sure we’re “here” in the earth realm –

i do feel that we are constantly growing and changing, progressing to the most evolved versions of our selves (according to buddhists, nothing is static anyway). we are growing into the beings we are when we access our greatest potential. yes, that potential is there from birth, but we have lessons to learn and awakenings to process before we are at a place where we can truly embody that potential.

it’s about becoming the most divine, purest version of yourself. this happens by letting go of anything that would be in the way and accepting in its place (since the universe “abhors a vacuum”) whatever divine energies are most suited to our purest selves in that moment.

it’s also about finishing up any old karma.
once we get to the more harmonious version of earth, karma will happen instantly. so it’s important to clear any residual patterns so we can be a kind of blank slate when we get into an instant karma realm (last time i checked, instant karma is one of the hallmarks of the higher vibrating version of Earth we’re moving toward…along with unconditional love and ability to instantly manifest what we need – as long as our manifestation will not cause harm to other members of the collective).

we are born divine, but in 3d earth, we aren’t born aware of our enlightened state – so there is still something to work toward, which is conscious awareness of our enlightened selves/state.

make sense? hope so… i’m not sure which of these ideas are only mine and which ones were inspired…and i know that when i mix my own ideas with suddenly inspired ideas it can sound a bit…um…spastic.

peace & blessings,

13 12 2008

perhaps my sentiments are matching.

born a jehovah’s witness,
then a raver, on drugs & the burning man festival.
got taoism, from zen to general eastern mysticism…

while seeking found candy coated christ & rainbow cupcakes, wtf?

alien/angel/ascended master/twin flame info conflicted across and within sources.

sought elsewhere. kept coming up. dots started connecting. between the lines. kept connecting. still do. in me. they connect and then are gone. simple stuff. the simplest.

cosmic cheese? ha.

love, respect & gratitude for channellers and such.
tastes differ. perceptions more.

kudos, rei

i’m inspired by the tone of many channellings

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