quantum salutations

25 12 2007

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NOTE: i want the QUANTUM SALUTATIONS to remain the first thing visitors see, so:

+ blog-ish content is under the HEART-SONG category. if you want to read about my latest woes or joys, that’s where to find them.

+ material that is more focused on thinking/rationality – including beliefs, kundalini & restless leg syndrome, & manic rants about science & divinity – is now under the category OUT OF MY MIND. so if you’re interested in any articles, those works co-created with my heart & mind are under this category.

~((special thanks to the anonymous person who added this site to the StumbleUpon network))~

Welcome to Luminary Spirit.My name is, well, too ordinary for my taste. In the spiritual/metaphysical community I’m known by the a nickname rei. [Ya know, like “reiki”? That word is really two different ones, “rei” & “ki” (aka chi/qi/prana/Holy Spirit). ] But my name is unimportant anyway. I merely facilitate this web space. Just the messenger, as it were.

This is a sacred space containing esoteric musings, poetry and other creative expressions, soulfood for thought, confessions, scholarly work, decrees, advice and more. Most of this isn’t here yet – and I recently added the first wavers/snoedel saviors page (see below).

SPECIAL *cosmic hugs* TO MY SOUL FAMILY WHO RECENTLY ADDED THEIR LIGHT HERE VIA COMMENTS, esp. MY ULTRA-INTERCONNECTED HOME-IES THAT CLICKED HERE via Gea’s baby…but i am equally grateful to ALL my soul family – regardless of how they came to visit this crystalline cyberspace. i’m just as grateful to those who have never knowingly entered the electronic realms of Luminary Spirit. *** thanks for existing in some way, shape or form! ***

*It is important to realize that we are all part of the same Source, and so are ALL part of this “first wave” … none are better or worse for whatever flavor their evolution takes in this moment.

There is a new area for those who were in the First Wave of planetary ascension, a place for us to maintain a sense of family, a place where it’s okay to have a sense of self – without the identity you have/had you couldn’t have been part of this glorious movement! You should see the page on the side, under Pages (Within Pages). I started it in response to the comments I saw from Wayshowers at a particular website but all Wayshowers are more than welcome to come and fellowship, rub elbows with the other parts of your “Self”…. Check it out!

This is a space where the agendas of science, religion and all other institutions in search of Truth slip away, leaving only the noble inquiry into the nature of true being.

That means all the political and headache-ichal aspects of these traditions will not be allowed to form a lasting presence here, or hold any power whatsoever. This space is distilled, free from impurities – including the many things that have tainted the various systems we use on our quest for truth. This is a place for those who are starting to real-eyes that things aren’t as they seemed to be…for those who decided they’ve been hitting the old snooze button for too long. This sacred space is attuned to protective frequencies that keep it a safe haven for those who are exploring the bold and beautiful frontier of limitless possibility. This is a place to witness the miraculous, the unbelievable, the inevitable…a place where SHIFT HAPPENS.

+ Please, don’t go there unless you really can handle the truth…. Pay attention to the categories – I am a lovingly and brutally honest soul, so if a category hints at the old ‘truth hurts’ adage, and you aren’t sure you want that much keepin’ it real bouncing around in your head, then heed the frickin’ warnings, please! O:-)

Be aware: This space is under construction, a work-in-progress – and a progressive one at that. Not much here yet. If I find comments that show genuine interest I will make time to add more content because that would mean I have something someone needs to hear (read). So if any of the categories on the right are particularly captivating (or intriguing), please name them in your potential comments so I know where to focus my attention toward new content.

<side note: I am (or was) a pessimist. I am (still) anti-sentimental Hallmark mushy cheeseball goop. Hopefully some of my fellow pessimists won’t write me (the facilitator of this space) off as just another loopy maple-syrup group-hug advocate. Believe me, I KEEP IT REAL – often way too real for most *humans.* See if you can handle the realness – it might seem sugar-coated at times, but I don’t throw around lovey-dovey words, so any lovey-dovey stuff here is genuine and comes from the highest, purest and most REALIST-ic intentions.>

I honor the infinite perfection within You … that IS You … and hope you’re starting to do the same. If you haven’t been doing the same… Do you feel the warmth inside your body that is trying to get your attention? Perhaps it’s more of a tingling sensation, maybe hovering right above your head? However it feels, know that you have every right to enjoy the bliss You send Your Self as often as possible – that’s the main reason it’s there. So roll with the punch-drunk-love of your own making (minus the legendary hairy palms…lol).

Remember you’re here for a reason; the universe doesn’t hold onto deadweight. And whatever you are doing, in whatever moment of your day, is most likely the precise thing you should be doing (even if you’re on the couch eating Neopolitan ice cream and watching “Law and Order”). Dance naked – with the lights off if you’re shy (hopefully the irony here will surface at another time if it isn’t NOW – and celebrate the consciousness you help create.

May your life/path be easy as π, and just as helpful in working with circles. 😉

And so it is.


Special and heartfelt thanks to DJ and Club Recon – without your ceaseless insight, uncanny remarks, lighthearted dirty minds and divine wordplay, I would not feel qualified – or worthy – to facillitate this site. Thanks for helping me remember….

Another heartfelt thanks/shout-out to Deanna, my homegirl from DELPHI, who keeps me HERE through awesome understanding when all I wanna do is fade away. You know I love you girl. Thanks for helping me keep shining goddess. O;-)

A most-updated heart-full and heartfelt thanks to Gea, Mother-Goddess of the Snoedel Saviors & First Wavers who (like little me) may not have made it when they did if it weren’t for her site! Also much love to caroleen, Dre, der1331, M[edwin], radioman, Alea, bluesky, edie, and all other regulars on the snoedel scene…. Thanks for being You always, and for keeping me on track, as well as each other. You help me make sure my light never goes dim and I hope I do the same for each of you and the collective we became. How’s 5D for you these moments?




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18 12 2007

whatcha think?

22 03 2008

Nice to find oneself mentioned somewhere on the Web….
Feels like home already, Rei.

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