out of my mind

…at least i’m getting there!


as my awareness progresses on its spiral path to reach the Now in which i am out of my mind completely (in a lasting way), i am urged to use this section of Luminary Spirit as a connection-collection of work that my mind & heart have co-created.

HOW TO ACCESS MATERIAL: on the right side of the screen you’ll see PAGES (WITHIN PAGES) – one of the titles listed is “out of my mind” – which is where YOU are now! yeah…i technically mean which part of this site you’re currently viewing, but some folks might say you must be out of your mind to be here. [ i’ll leave the end of that sentence intentionally vague… 0;-) ] so…ahem!…yeah – to access these mind-heart works, simply click on whatever title under the parent page that strikes your fancy!

LIST OF ARTICLES: includes a short description to help you decide whether or not it is fancy-striking for you…

“beam me up, Scottie!” – why this attitude may sabotage our progress

  • divinely guided and inspired
  • intended audience is individuals who put significant time and focus on “channeled” material, specifically material about things like “First Contact” and similar scenarios involving an alleged group of friendly E.T.s claiming they will come to the planet “soon” to rescue humanity
  • basic aspects of this focus include a perpetual state of ungroundedness, sending out a constant signal of desire-to-escape (which can lead to all sorts of problems), and the effects of giving away one’s personal power

Celebrating “Messy” – What’s Behind Our Beliefs?

  • examines origins of our beliefs; asks us to examine them for ourselves also
  • why apparent chaos might actually be proof that we are progressing to new frontier

Kundalini & Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

  • intuition tells me that the symptoms of this rather common medical issue are actually, at least in most cases, manifestation of some of the common symptoms of the ancient spiritual process known as Kundalini awakening
  • this is great to me, personally, because it shows that the massive spiritual resurrection we are currently undergoing is being felt & noticed by more so-called ‘average’ folks in the general population than we may have previously realized.
  • includes a couple of links for more info on Kundalini process (also the “phenomena” that folks often notice)

On REALiiity – Science Itself PROVES Existence of SOMETHING Divine

  • excerpt of a quasi-manifesto i wrote a few years ago (probably fueled by sleep-deprivation) before i’d actually found research to support many of the ideas


as always, thanks for checking these out, and if any of the ideas resonate with you please feel free to leave a brief comment (or a long one if you are so inclined)


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7 02 2009

very interesting page… thanks for your being dear light

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