atzmi personality

this is a personality test developed from the traditions of the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). you can take the test for free at but i should warn you they give you a 7-day free trial and if you don’t opt-out via a text from your cell phone you get charged $9.99/month. after the test you can view the results in a variety of different ways, including the full results (a .pdf which you can save on your computer). it’s quite interesting, the setup of the test. you rate shapes as being positive, neutral or negative. here’s my top 5 traits:


+Love & Affection

+Pure & Simple Faith

+Original Thinking (Abstract)

+Motivation to Action



…one of my most challenging issues is:

Following Authority



(gee, ya think? aren’t most indigos & crystals anti-system/”The Man”?? isn’t that one of the main motivations to BUST THE CURRENT SYSTEM TO PIECES TO BUILD/CO-CREATE A NEW ONE?) i like to think of it as transforming Idealism into Actually Possiblism.


one of my most natural desires/interests(/whatever word is kosher) is Self-Actualization. so yeah, those of you that know me can tell by these simple details that this test is as accurate as the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). you can find a form of that test somewhere on if you’re interested to see where you fit in the 16 types they compiled – which are based on the archetypes that the brilliantly insightful Carl Jung discussed in his own work.


so that’s all for now. if you take either of these tests feel free to share your results in the form of a comment here. and please accept my virtual hug in gratitude for your interest in this site. don’t forget to explore & the group called luminous flux.


and if you’re just absolutely intrigued by the identity i currently occupy, there’s a profile i created on – which includes a bit about me for anyone who thinks they found the other half of their soul in my form. i’m definitely ready to find my Twin Flame even though i’ve accepted existing as a Twin Flame myself, both masculine & feminine energies entertwined in one body (which is steadily losing its density with each second that seems to pass). it’s difficult visiting mom since she loves to cook and, well, most solid food doesn’t carry the right vibrations for my continual evolution at this point. ya feel me? here’s a link to my profile:

UPDATE ON MY DESIRE FOR FINDING MY TWIN: it has recently come to my attention that i already had a relationship with my twin in this current incarnation (well, i’ve already known that for a while – thanks for the great times, Moto). apparently, my next interactions with that Twin Flame energy will be occurring in a different level/density of reality. so, it’s likely that if you find me (cosmically) interesting in ‘that way’ we will simply be reuniting as soul kin. but i don’t have too many close friends right now, so feel free to get in touch anyway.


and i recommend you check out the group Abracadabra The Ascension Shamans, with the discernment i’m sure you’re used to using Now. here’s their page:


infinite bliss & gratitude to You!




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30 07 2014

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