manifestationdecided to start this page as a space for me to get things off my chest (where my physical heart resides). i don’t want the quantum salutations to be pushed further down the main entrance page, so here is where i will put the ideas my heart (or my mind or soul) wants to share in any particular moment of the eternal NOW.

also decided to use this area to share the meanings of the word “rei” which i use as my ‘name’ in the spiritual community.  here is an image of the Japanese symbol and the thirteen meanings that go with it:

the japanese word/character "rei"

Rei—Strokes, 24. Consists of three parts. The topmost denotes ‘rain’, the middle stands for ‘objects’ and the bottom stands for ‘shaman‘. Rei means ‘spirit or spiritual’. The Japanese dictionary defines Rei as:
1. Spirit; the spiritual aspect of the human being as contrasted to the physical.
2. Divine, luminous, charismatic, supernatural, mysterious.
3. The luminosity of the spirit; the luminosity of a God or Sage.
4. Inconceivable spiritual ability; charismatic power; charisma; wonderful; a wonder.
5. A rainmaker, a diviner; a person or being with spiritual or supernatural powers.
6. A shaman.
7. Goodness; good, excellent, efficacious.
8. Clever, nimble, sharp.
9. Life.
10. A living being; a human being.
11. A supernatural (mythical) beast or being; a fairy, an elf.
12. Pure, undefined, unpolluted.
13. Bright, clear.

Source: http://www.lifepositive.com/reiki.html

~~~ heart-song ~~~

today [1.31.09] it’s just a general venting session…

i’m not really feeling inspired to write this, but it feels like i ought to have some things i’d wanna unload. then again, on my way home from school (Master in Social Work classes), work (a grad assistant in the library), or my field placement (a center for survivors of sexual assault) i do an exercise to release all the heavy energies i might’ve taken on throughout the day. i always ask that my divine hommies replace those energies with something that will be helpful though…otherwise there’d be an energetic void that might end up filled with the energy i just finished releasing bc it isn’t all that helpful to hold onto.

i’m really not feeling this… i guess any real issues i’m concerned about probably can’t ge fixed by talking to myself on a computer. some of these issues relate to new understanding about my purpose in this version of reality. …there is a process that i seem to be guided to do that is difficult logistically to carry out. i keep working on it and releasing those feelings of hopelessness – i know that it is possible or it wouldn’t be part of the divine plan for me. i know there is no real deadline, but the sooner i finish the process, the sooner i’ll be better equipped to serve others who are going through  the upcoming changes. i won’t go into more detail on this since i know what i’m referring to and nobody else really needs to know. there are other beings involved, but they don’t have the kind of form that we call a body, so like i said, no<u>body</u> else really needs to know.

i do want to share a really interesting moment.  yesterday or the day before i was resting between classes and i slipped into a meditative state.  i began to have a nonverbal conversation with my higher self (which would sound looney to anyone not familiar with such things), and then i felt a dramatic shift in my perception. this shift lasted for several moments, and only a few moments after i felt like i was fully back in this reality did i realize that i had moved into a different realm of experience for a brief moment.  in that different realm i received some sort of divine energy.  i still don’t know what kind of energy it was, all i know is it made me feel more complete and more i dunno what – clarity? understanding? acceptance? i’m using this as an opportunity to remind myself that when i’m in an appropriate situation, i’d like to ask my divine family what sort of energy gift they gave to me on that day sitting in my car.

okay, it is about time for some deep, restorative & intensely healing sleep.  everything is working out exactly as it should.  it sounds like i’m convincing myself of this, but i know in my heart of hearts that it’s true. peace & blessings to all of us!

~~ten-four for the time being 0;-) ~~

today [5.12.08] it’s cosmic career musings…

so, what is my purpose? a friend who works with the crystal skulls and the blue star ascension group has said it involves teaching my peers – though the subject matter she didn’t share or didn’t know. i already do that though, and dunno how i’m supposed to pay bills with it. i would enjoy teaching folks who are somehow involved in psychology how to bring Spirit[uality] back into their work – after all, psyche originally meant “soul” anyhow, but since the soul isn’t quantifiable or empirically testable they skewed it all up. 0;-P

another great friend (she has a new website; feel free to check it out: http://www.synergytransmissions.org/ ) has said the most specific thing she can discern is “group work” … so yeah, what to do? i would love to share ideas on incorporating holistic/integrative perspectives into psychology work. certain folks who align with the status quo have told me that no one will want to take a class from me because, so far, i don’t have the right set of letters after my name. yeah, okay. in ((my)) universe they will know i know what i am talking about without a certain degree. i mean come on, i am a poet, and poets are known for being in touch with the unconscious synchronistic stuff right?

also preparing to move back to my hometown in Mississippi, which is close[-ish] to New Orleans, so i feel it will be interesting to see how the stereotypical backwoods idea of that area doesn’t apply when it comes to folks being drawn to a new way of approaching healing (mental, emotional and spiritual are, imo, all involved in psychology). those of you that know me, feel free to share your opinion on whether or not i seem ‘qualified’ based on what you already know about me. my inner guidance says i am, but i know that isn’t enough for some people…maybe those people won’t be interested in the class anyway, and those that are interested will also intuitively know that i know what i’m talking about…(?)

~~~original raggamuffin ramblings over & out 4 this Now~~~

purple lady

today [2.3.08] it’s out with the old, in with the newness…

i have been struggling with letting the newness to simply lift me off the old ground i had been firmly planted on. i’ll be watching a bit of tv (shame on me i know), see a commercial and end up in tears (recent examples: the monster job search commercial in which the slogan is “your calling is calling”; an ad for a new car with a panoramic roof in which the theme is “SAME CITY, BETTER VIEW”). this is normal, in a way we mourn our past, pay our respects and thank it for its helpful service on its way out of our lives/existence. even big grown men are in tears at the drop of any hat lately, part of reconnecting to the Divine Feminine energies that are finally coming back into the collective consciousness.

i am enrolled in some psychology classes right now that i haven’t been going to. at first it was a decision to honor my inner guidance and devote more energy to the unfolding newness. now i have missed two tests and didn’t do very well on the one i did take. missing class is very out of character for me, as is making a B on an exam – obviously it must be if i consider a B as not doing very well eh? but i am a new entity; the old pieces are fading away rapidly now.

i am trying to embrace the changes, but it can be hard to do this when we feel like we are walking into something blind. i am ready to continue my updated purpose, which involves teaching those in my own age group. (teaching WHAT, i am not sure yet.) i do know is that my decision to return to school for a counseling degree is close but not the proverbial cigar. the cigar involves potentials that are not currently in my view (or i am not letting myself see them), that involve an entirely new way of existing – the class(es) i will be teaching (or already am, multi-d speaking) are not going to take place in the current version of my reality. this means it is necessary to figure out how i may open more to the newness and how i may more successfully let the old stuff fade away. trying to get guidance from others isn’t the best way to approach these changes; the best way is – you guessed it – to GO WITHIN.

despite being keenly intuitive and having a knack for the metaphysical stuff, i admit i am not too good at going within. i have that characteristically indigo drive to be stimulated (even though i transitioned to carry the crystal or octarine energies some time ago). i am quite a hyperactive spaz, so sitting still and going within has always been a little boring – except on those occasions when something seems to ‘happen’ – there is something to look at in my mind’s eye, a wave of emotions to experience, a whispering voice, a light show…. in other words i am still a little hung up on the doing instead of the being, and being is what it is all about now (along with the hokey-pokey).

there is a chance that my new reality is sitting here on a silver platter this very moment. a way of being that fulfills my soul’s every desire and makes my heart leap in joy! but right now i am not seeing it, and this has led to some depression. i want to live somewhere else, and that can sabotage the whole process when we must be neutral, accepting of our current state in order to transcend it. wherever you go, there you are. we must appreciate whatever state our existence is in, or seems to be in, before our awareness can discover the beautiful opportunities we have to move into a space that honors our dreams more directly. a space where there are no student loans to repay, where creditors can’t call because there’s no reason to, where all debt has been canceled and we have a universal economic system that is pure and provides all with the same abundance we each deserve. a space where it’s about all play and no work, where our ‘job’ is so fulfilling on so many levels that it never feels like work. where all beings are so satisfied that no one ever acts out or acts up and it’s one big party always, forever. where the idea is choosing which wonderful thing we want to put our energy into right now. where we have all embraced the unconditional love from Source and each other (as aspects of that same Source), no longer working from fear or outmoded ideas of not being good enough or deserving of all the treasures we could possibly ever hope to experience. where we have let go of the idea that one must work for one’s rewards and we have accepted the invitation to freedom, pure harmony, and a happiness so full and constant we must invent a new word to signify it.

i have taken an appropriate step in not attending my classes since they are aligned with the old ways. but there is a void (which i know i am creating) between what i was doing and trying to be and what is now before me, eager to be embraced as my newness. i am not worried about getting bad grades because, for one thing, i should be in a new reality by the time it would matter. i was reading an article earlier that mentioned how the first wave is ready to retire. i must say Amen! to that idea. i am currently (entertaining the illusion of living) in florida, where so many in the old way have traveled for their retirement years. my horizons are infinitely broader than this. my retirement community exists in a new dimensional set and a new universe. i simply look around and notice how the light on the walls is glowing, shimmering, and know that a big change is underway. i am ready to experience more of it – but apparently not all of me agrees with this or i would be experiencing it in a more conscious way.

i say to that part of me who is resisting the silver platter, why are you not wanting this fantastic unfolding? i embrace you in love, and hope you understand that these changes are not going to result in your destruction or in you being ignored in any way. you will also be fulfilled by the newness. i can’t prove this to you until you agree to embrace it, but i know it will make you twirl in celebration, i truly do. if i end up wrong and it isn’t a much better way to pass the time, you can frag out and go back to the way we have things now. you won’t want to, but you have that right – you can return to the old if you decide the new isn’t all it is meant to be and it doesn’t overload your joy-receptors. one thing, though: it will involve accepting that we deserve unbounded love and abundance, and i know you aren’t used to that and it is weird to think that we deserve this. but we do. it is time to stop thinking we don’t deserve all the gifts we could ever hope for. so i said you won’t want to go back to the old, but the part of us who is used to feeling unworthy might want to go back to that old way because it takes adjusting to be in a place where you can admit your worth. i ask you to simply give all the newness a chance and know i will be here, along with all our lighted friends, to make sure you feel safe and at home in the new way of being. we have earned our wings and this transformation of our reality. please, won’t you help me let it in?

i invite any readers who have a similar story – especially those who have already gotten past this phase – to please share your thoughts, feelings, suggestions on how you made it through or what you have been doing that makes this acceptance process easier for thos parts of you who have pushed away the love we deserve. i also invite you to share anything that came to you reading this; chances are it will be helpful for some part of ‘me’ to know.


One response

5 02 2009
David Williams

Hi Rei
I have followed your link from the New Light Beings Page and I loved reading Heart Song!
One thing I would warn against or challenge by going inside is the ‘moving to Florida or anywhere’ bit. I did that.
I moved from Cardiff to London and took the old me with me. I’m back in Cardiff UK with the new me. I suppose I had to go away to come back again but like you say it’s about going inside. I didn’t have the tools then but I feel more spiritually armed now. I’m glad that you were divinely guided to the New Light Beings Page.
My journey was I feel Shamanic which can be challenging to Western Centric Circles.
The silver platter is all around us. Sometimes we see it, sometimes we don’t.
I never want to go back to the old but need to get out of the old/new comfort zones of the new.

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