celebrating “messy” – what’s behind our beliefs?

So, what is your truth? Have you examined your beliefs, where they originated, what evidence exists to support them, why they are true for you? Are your beliefs based on ideas you were taught in childhood? Have you gone through a time of questioning those beliefs to ensure they make sense for who you are and the way you understand reality now? At my old Baptist church I learned that doubt (cautious second-guessing) is a common – and maybe necessary – part of one’s relationship with the divine. Through doubt we come to a realization about what really fits us and what we have outgrown (or what was the wrong size when we first got it!). That makes it possible to clean out our closets, remove things that we no longer use or are now incredibly “tacky” for the standards we’ve evolved to accept. It frees up space for new attire we might acquire.

Do your beliefs foster a sense of security, of knowing how you fit into that big picture? Perhaps they provide a sense of purpose and meaning to your existence. Or perhaps they keep everything orderly instead of messy…remind me again why we want to avoid ‘messy’? Sure, it means things are under control, but is that such a cause for celebration? The status quo seems to incite apathy, maybe some dissent; rarely do I hear folks rejoicing over the way things are already handled. Could it be that we settle for what is familiar, accepting the quiet dinner party when we could be shaking our moneymakers at the hottest new club in town if only we’d act on the invitation?

In the history of homo sapiens on planet Earth, we see countless examples of scenarios in which a culture decided to revise the way things were done because they weren’t satisfied with the former methods – they decided to evolve in a non-Darwinian sense. This is considered progress even when the culture decides it may have gone to the opposite extreme and resurrects some of the old to establish a balance. In most cases the shift from the old way to the new one was really messy. Things seemed to get a wee bit out of control.

The word control actually might play an intriguing role in all this. I’m sure you’ve heard the theory about religion being originally designed, in part, to control the masses. Yes, it provided some comfort in answering the big unknowns, but traditional religion also made it easier to keep us (the masses) following a certain path and rarely questioning it. One primary function of major religion in those “old days” still seems to have an influence in our current times: it discouraged the individual from thinking for him- or herself. So I’d like to ask you, are you your own boss? Do you question authority? Folks have a habit of questioning authority less when they have gotten old enough to be part of the authority demographic themselves. I’ve always wondered why we stop questioning those in control just because we get a little older.

Are you open to new information about your beliefs? What if I told you that you are “God” and you actually won’t be surrounded by fire and brimstone for owning that power? Now, I haven’t been pushy about anything yet so please don’t shut down on me at this point. Just be open to the idea. Appease your rational side by looking at it as a What if? situation. What if you are innately divine and already connected with the Creator? What if it is your birthright to have a healthy level of power? What if you were tricked into thinking there would be eternal consequences for adjusting your understanding in a way that would really be embracing your gifts? What if your current beliefs are based on the desire to control you? If that were the case, then those who wished to control you might try to turn any ideas that lead to empowerment into something evil. They might call me a false prophet or allege I am doing Satan’s work.

That is hardly the case. Quite the opposite, actually. I am a servant of truth and the light of knowledge…of God, Allah, Jah, Yahweh, all the other names for Spirit, including whatever name you use. You are a spark of divinity. That is one idea folks are getting at when they talk about “remembering who and what you are” – the “what” refers to being a spiritual entity. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We decided to put on human suits and forget who we really are to play the game of life on Earth. And that game, my friend, is about to take itself to a whole new level.

There are some beautiful things around the corner, and we may be in a better position to enjoy them (or get more enjoyment from them) if we can reevaluate our beliefs and be open to the possibility that truth has been radically distorted for a long time on this planet. It might be helpful to let go of all our beliefs so we have a clean slate as we experience these changes, but for most people that is a bit daunting. We can at least be open to having our beliefs challenged, and to the idea that no single understanding is “right” making all others wrong.

If you consider yourself as part of the majority, then you’ve taken a commendable step by reading this text without dismissing it. I thank you for taking that step. Your divine nature thanks you for taking that step. We’re all moving into a shift in how things are done and it will probably be easier to handle – and appreciate – after entertaining these possibilities. Welcome to messy.

Copyright 2008 by rei ~ email: beyond1life@gmail.com ~ Feel free to share this information with others. Please simply make sure the entire article is shared unaltered and it maintains this copyright notice.


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